How to Create a Promotional Video for your School (2024)

small films founder, george hughes

21st December 2023

written by George Hughes

A well-crafted promotional video can help sell your school to parents, showcasing its benefits, ethos, emotions, and what makes it such a great place to learn. It’s a decision that won’t be taken lightly, so they’ll need to feel confident before deciding to send their child to your school. A school promotional video can be an excellent way to build that much-needed trust. 

At Small Films, we’ve put this guide together detailing everything you need to know about how to make a promotional school video. 

1) Set a budget for your school promotional video

Unless you have a Hollywood Blockbuster movie budget to shoot your school promotional video, you’ll probably need to plan more conservatively so you don’t end up overspending. First, think about the type of video you want to film (more on that in a bit) and how long it might take.

Then consider the number of people involved, locations where filming might take place, and if there will be extra features like animations. Editing will also be needed and should be considered when you’re planning the budget for the shoot. 

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2) Think about what makes your school unique

Before you can get down to the crux of creating a school promotional video, you’ll need to think about what makes it unique. What’s the USP that will help it stand out from other local educational institutions? 

Perhaps it has a particularly sought-after drama department and has seen several pupils go on to be professional actors. Or maybe it’s known for having a strong maths department that yields high grades and a number of students going onto higher maths education. 

Highlight everything that makes your school special and pinpoint its strengths, zeroing in on them so that they are prominent features in your promotional video. 

The below school promotional video the Small Films team created for Croydon High School really highlights how Croydon High girls are confident and creative, change makers both now and in the future.

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3) Consider the different types of school promotional videos

You’ll want to tell a unique story about your school. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for the type of promotional videos you can film, with each one serving a special purpose.


Using your website for a short and concise promotional video offers people visiting your page a summary of what to expect from the school. It acts as an explainer video that will engage parents and, ideally, offers a mix of interviews with teachers and pupils, as well as footage of the grounds and facilities. 

Departmental films

A departmental film can provide insights into the different school departments, offering a more in-depth look at what people can expect from specific areas of the school. You can highlight a department’s benefits, showing viewers what the classrooms, teachers and perhaps a short interview with the Head of Department.

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Pupil stories

Telling the stories of your pupils is a great way to provide an emotional connection to your school and give a first-hand insight into what it’s like to get an education there. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to share their journeys and help build a connection with future students. 

A Small Films video for Eton College

A message from the Headteacher

The Headteacher is such an integral part of the school’s make-up, and therefore they have a fair bit of sway. Usually, schools opt for a “Head’s welcome” message, but why not evolve it into an in-depth interview with the Head, allowing them to share their vision and ethos for what makes your school special.  

Short-form stories

Think of short-form stores as quick, easily digestible shorts that feature vignettes of school life. You can also use them to highlight specific parts of the school, whether it’s the sports hall, drama centre or school grounds.

4) Create a storyboard

Once you’ve settled on the type of video content you want to use to promote the school and are happy with your USP, it’s time to visualise your idea. Storyboarding is a great way to lay out your ideas and think about how you need to film each section. 

You don’t need to embrace your inner artist, either; storyboards can be simple, roughly drawn images that help set the scene. They will allow you to see the bigger picture and provide a clearer idea of what the shot may look like, helping you plan everything before you start filming. 

5) Consider who will be behind the camera

One of the most important questions surrounding your promotional school video will centre around who does the filming. It can be tempting to do everything in-house, maybe even using the help of the media department. But unless you’re going for a video that’s short and sweet, we don’t recommend the do-it-yourself approach. 

Hiring equipment can be expensive, and you’ll need someone involved who is a professional and has experience. Therefore, working with a freelancer or video production company is more advisable, as you will be able to tap into their expertise. Plus, they will have the required skills to execute the best video for your school’s needs. 

They will also take care of things like release forms and know how to get the most authentic performances from the people involved in the videos, be it teachers or pupils. Just make sure you hire a good director who can work with children and has a patient crew able to coerce the best performances out of everyone involved. 




Creating a promotional school video 

No matter which direction you take, it’s worth planning everything out in advance so that you have an idea of what to expect from the shoot. The result will be a more transparent process with the end result you wanted: a high-quality promotional video that showcases the best of your school and connects with parents who will feel encouraged to send their children there.


We’re a video production company that specialises in promotional school videos.  We’ve shot films for the likes of Eton College, Blundell’s and Marlborough College. If you’d like to have a chat then do get in contact