25 Video Content Ideas for a School’s Social Media

small films founder, george hughes

11th January 2024

written by George Hughes

Continuously coming up with new content for your school’s social media channels can often feel like an arduous task. But there are a wealth of ways that you can engage on your channels with video content. From a glimpse inside each of your departments through to capturing the Head Teacher’s future vision on film, video is a fantastic way of giving a more in depth insight into your school. If you’d like to chat with one of the Small Films team about social media for schools, then do get in touch

  1. Meet the Department Heads:

    Introduce each of your school department heads to help give prospective students a glimpse into what their favourite subjects might have in store for them.

  2. School History:

    Share the story of the origins of your school, from the year it began through to how it has evolved over time.

  3. Student Testimonials:

    Feature happy students (both past and present) sharing their favourite things about your school.

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  4. Department Tours:

    Take viewers on a guided tour of your art, sports, drama or science department. Tell the story of how your departments have changed over the years to help your students develop.

  5. Milestones and Anniversaries:

    Celebrate your school’s achievements and history. Mark key milestones with celebratory video content highlighting the key successes over the years.

  6. Future Visions

    : Share your school’s vision for the future, including upcoming celebrations, department growth, investment areas and CSR activities.

  7. Partnerships:

    Showcase partnerships the school might have with environmental organisations, charities or local communities that demonstrate your school’s commitment outside of academia.

  8. Welcome Message:

    Create a warm welcome video for students who are starting with your school at the beginning of the year.

  9. Virtual School Tour:

    Showcase different areas of the school through a virtual tour to help new students or parents familiarise themselves. This is an excellent way to help drive Open Day attendance.

  10. Teacher Spotlight:

    Highlight a teacher each week, showcasing their achievements, teaching style, and a fun fact.

  11. Student Achievements:

    Share videos celebrating student accomplishments, such as academic achievements, sports victories, or drama performances.

  12. Behind the Scenes:

    Give a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a school event or a day in the life of staff members.

  13. Interview with the Head Teacher:

    Conduct an interview with the Head Teacher to discuss upcoming events, goals, and important updates.

  14. Study Tips:

    Create short videos with study tips and tricks to help students improve their study habits.

    Eton College Promotional School Film – Small Films

  15. Virtual Workshops:

    Stream live or pre-recorded workshops on various subjects or skills to enhance student learning.

  16. Sports Highlights:

    Capture exciting moments from school sports events and share highlights on social media or YouTube.

  17. Alumni Success Stories:

    Feature successful alumni who have achieved notable accomplishments since graduating from the school.

  18. Community Outreach:

    Showcase the school’s involvement in community service projects and initiatives.

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  19. Career Day Highlights:

    Share snippets from a virtual or in-person career day, featuring professionals from various fields.

  20. Student Art Exhibition:

    Display the creativity of students through a virtual art exhibition, explaining the inspiration behind their pieces.

    Croydon High School Promotional Film – Small Films

  21. Technology Tips for Parents:

    Share videos guiding parents on how to navigate online platforms, access grades, and stay informed about school activities.

  22. Cultural Awareness:

    Highlight diverse cultural events, celebrations, and activities happening within the school community.

  23.  Historical Highlights:

    Share interesting facts or historical events related to the school’s founding and development.

  24.  Choir Performance:

    Showcase the musical talents of students through virtual choir or band performances.

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  25. Parent Testimonials:

    Record short video testimonials from parents expressing their thoughts on the school, teachers, and the impact on their children.

This is just a small snapshot of all the types of video content you can create for your school’s social media. At Small Films, we’ve shot promotional films, virtual tours, Head Teacher welcomes and more for many of the leading private schools, including Eton College, Marlborough College and Croydon High School. If you’d like to chat with one of the team about how we can help you, then do get in touch