Best School Promotional Videos (Private Schools & Universities)

small films founder, george hughes

2nd August 2022

written by George Hughes

Whilst we might be slightly biased here at Small Films, we really do believe that hands-down promotional videos are the top way to market your school. Able to give a visual view of behind the scenes and showcase your ethos, video content is a top way to drive school admissions. At Small Films, we’ve proudly worked with the likes of Eton College, Blundell’s, Gayhurst and Marlborough College, so we’re well versed in what makes a great school promotional video.  If you’d like to have a chat about a video for your school, do get in touch with the team. 

Eton College

This video about Eton College’s Orwell Award (a fully paid bursary scheme for bright boys from underprivileged backgrounds) highlights the benefits of receiving this amazing accolade. The video strikes the perfect balance of showcasing the opportunities available to the boys, the school facilities, and Eton’s exceptional heritage. A mixture of drone footage, classroom scenes and interviews with Orwell Award winners, the film is an impactful piece of content to help drive applications. 


Watch our Eton College video, and other school promotional videos on our YouTube channel here

Moulsford School

A heart-warming piece of content, the Moulsford video takes us through all the amazing activities their students have access to. From rock climbing to outdoor adventures to scientific experiments, the video highlights that there really is something for every child. There’s drone footage, underwater shots and high-action content – making this a great watch right through to the end. 

Watch our Moulsford School video, and other school promotional videos on our YouTube channel here

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St Margaret’s Preparatory School

This video really highlights what a great time pupils have at this Wiltshire prep school. Shots of students enjoying their outdoor classroom, taking part in science experiments or out on the rugby pitch give a great look at behind the scenes of St Margaret’s. 

Watch our St Margaret’s Prep School video, and other school promotional videos on our YouTube channel here

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Harvard University

By focusing on the idea that Harvard is home, they’ve successfully made a really welcoming video. Future students concerned about whether they’ll fit in have all their worries answered in a short space of time, as a variety of current students describe how much they enjoy the university. Footage of some of the 420 different extracurricular activities (yes, you read that right, 420!) helps prospective students feel like they have a host of pursuits to get involved in.     

New City College

The New City College video gives some great shots of courses in action. You’ll see students learning car mechanics, how to cut and style hair and working on graphic design projects. This all helps to paint a picture of the variety of what you’re able to learn at New City College. Students are interviewed, and there are shots of the campus, plus a whole host of footage of the courses in action.    

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This two-minute video is a great introduction to this independent school in Devon. Tucked away in the beautiful countryside, near the cosy town of market Tiverton, the footage really showcases what a beautiful setting the school has.  The promotional school video delves into Blundell’s ethos whilst incorporating footage of students learning and having fun. 

Watch our Blundell’s School video and other school promotional videos on our YouTube channel here.

John XIII College

A different take on a school promotional video, this footage instead shows only the school campus. There are no Heads of Department interviews, footage of classes in action or even a single shot of a pupil – Instead, this video is a cinematic piece showcasing the campus in an artistic manner.  

University of Sydney

We love this film as it’s a captivating campus tour that’s bound to be a big driver for university applications. The 250,000 YouTube views alone show what an effective video this is. Instead of a voiceover, the University of Sydney has opted for a student to perform the campus tour – a much more engaging way to handle this type of video. Emelie (our tour guide) talks us through every area of the campus, from gym facilities to accommodation. She even gives us a brief overview of what Sydney offers and the university’s proximity to the centre.    

Stanford University Campus Tour

The Stanford University tour is a whistlestop view of this Californian campus. This time we have two guides to show us around the university, stopping off at different areas of the campus. In this video, they touch on the university’s history whilst also showcasing some of the top architecture the college has on offer.    


Marlborough College

This admissions video is a fantastic all-round view of what Marlborough College offers. With an abundance of footage of the different departments, extra-curricular activities and interviews with Heads of departments, the video hits all the right notes for driving admissions to the school. Whilst the school is steeped in history, it also has highly innovative practices – this is perfectly represented in this video.     

Would you like to create a video for your school or university? The Small Films team has delivered videos for some of the top schools in the country, including Eton College, Blundell’s, St Margaret’s and Marlborough College. Do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.