14 Content Ideas for Your Private School Blog

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12th September 2023

written by George Hughes

Blogging is a powerful tool for private schools to connect with current and prospective students, parents, and the broader community. It’s a platform that allows you to showcase your school’s unique personality, share important information, and engage with your audience. However, coming up with fresh and engaging content can be a challenge. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 14 content ideas for your private school blog.


1. Student Spotlights

Highlight the achievements, talents, and experiences of your students. Share their success stories, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. This not only showcases the excellence of your school but also provides inspiration for current and prospective students.

Video tip: Consider capturing your students on film talking about their experience at your school. 


2. Faculty Features

Introduce your teaching staff. Share their qualifications, teaching philosophies, and personal anecdotes. This humanises your school and helps parents and students connect with the educators who play a significant role in their lives.


3. Parent Perspectives

Invite parents to contribute guest posts sharing their experiences with your school. These firsthand accounts can be valuable for prospective parents who are looking for insights into the private school experience.

Video tip: Build authenticity by filming the parents giving their accounts


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4. Educational Trends and Insights

Write about the latest trends in education, curriculum development, and teaching methods. Offering insights into how your school stays current and adapts to these trends can demonstrate your commitment to providing a top-notch education.


5. Admissions Advice

Create content that guides prospective parents through the admissions process. Explain application deadlines, admission requirements, and tips for preparing for interviews or entrance exams.


6. Campus Tours

Offer virtual or photo-rich tours of your campus. Highlight key facilities, such as classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, and extracurricular spaces. This helps prospective students and parents get a feel for your school even if they can’t visit in person.

Video tip: From drone footage to highlights of departments, video is an excellent tool to highlight your campus.


7. Alumni Success Stories

Showcase the achievements of your alumni. Share stories of former students who have gone on to excel in various fields. This can be a powerful testament to the quality of education your school provides.


8. Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Discuss the importance of parent-teacher partnerships in a child’s education. Share strategies for effective communication and collaboration between parents and educators.


9. Educational Resources

Recommend books, websites, apps, and other educational resources that can benefit students and parents. This positions your school as a valuable source of guidance and support.


10. Community Involvement

Highlight your school’s involvement in the local community. Share stories about charity events, volunteer initiatives, and partnerships with local organisations. This demonstrates your commitment to making a positive impact beyond your campus.


11. School Traditions and Events

Write about special traditions, celebrations, and annual events at your school. These posts can generate excitement among current students and create a sense of community.

Video tip: Capture your celebrations on film and create shorter edits for use in blog content.


12. Educational Challenges

Address common challenges students and parents face in the education journey. Offer solutions, tips, and advice on topics such as time management, study skills, and stress management.


13. Diversity and Inclusion

Discuss your school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Share stories and initiatives that promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students.


14. Parenting Tips

Provide parenting advice and tips related to education. Topics could include homework help, fostering a love for learning, and supporting children through transitions.


Bonus Idea: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Consider creating a dedicated FAQ section on your blog. Address common questions and concerns that prospective parents and students might have about your school. This can be a valuable resource for streamlining the admissions process and providing transparency.


Remember, the key to a successful private school blog is consistency and relevance. Regularly update your blog with fresh content, engage with your audience through comments and social media, and always keep the needs and interests of your readers in mind. By implementing these content ideas, you can create a blog that not only informs but also strengthens your school’s online presence and community engagement. Happy blogging!

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