Video prospectus for independent school in Oxfordshire

Moulsford School

The Brief

There’s been a surge in the use of video by private schools in the last few years so Moulsford wanted us to create something unique that would make them stand out from their competition. They briefed us to create a film that captured the spirit of the school and show that at Moulsford “boys can be boys”, muddy knees and all.

Our Creative Solution

We conducted research into Moulsford, their direct competition and the wider school market. We established two important things. Firstly, that a lot of parents looking at the school are former Londoners who’ve moved to Oxfordshire. Secondly, that the majority of school videos featured a head teacher interview, edited with shots of the school. They all felt very similar and most were quite boring to watch. Our solution was to create a film that felt completely different to the standard offerings, was enjoyable to watch and that stirred nostalgia in parents who had come to Oxfordshire seeking a better life for their children.

The Result

Parents looking for a school for their child often find the experience overwhelming with too much information to wade through when making their choice. When they visit the Moulsford School website, when they watch the video they not only get an instant snapshot of school life but also begin the emotional journey of placing their child at the school. Families have chosen to visit the school as a direct result of watching this video.



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